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The Neuendorf House designed by John Pawson and Claudio Silvestrin in 1991, is a vacation house for a German art dealer set in an almond grove on the island of Mallorca. The house uses materials and colours characteristic of the island’s traditional architecture in a renewing formal vocabulary.

Neuendorf House technical information

The design explores ways of achieving a quality of proportion in outside space more usually associated with interiors.

– John Pawson Architects

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© Richard Bryant

Neuendorf-House-John-Pawson-Claudio-Silvestrin-ArchEyes-5 Neuendorf-House-John-Pawson-Claudio-Silvestrin-ArchEyes-4 Neuendorf-House-John-Pawson-Claudio-Silvestrin-ArchEyes-6

Villa Neuendorf is a rigorous paralellopiped whose monolithic presence is counteracted on all façades by the presence of “cuts” in various different positions with different orientations to prevent any form of monotony.

Neuendorf House description by the Architects

Neuendorf House Plans

Neuendorf-House-John-Pawson-Claudio-Silvestrin-ArchEyes-10 Neuendorf-House-John-Pawson-Claudio-Silvestrin-ArchEyes-2

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