Back courtyard study - Qishe Courtyard in Beijing / ARCHSTUDIO

Qishe Courtyard House in Beijing / ARCHSTUDIO

Completed in 2020 by ARCHSTUDIO, the Qishe Courtyard House is a renovation project located in a hutong within an old core quarter of Beijing. It’s a small Siheyuan (a traditional Chinese residence typology) with three courtyards. It originally consisted of 7 pitched-roof buildings. ARCHSTUDIO embedded a veranda into the old Siheyuan to link up the seven separated pitched-roof houses. 

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Exterior - Wall-less House in Nagano / Shigeru Ban
Japanese Architecture, Residential

Wall-less House in Nagano / Shigeru Ban

In 1997, Shigeru Ban completed the Wall-less House, also known as the House Without Walls. In this project, Ban creates a “universal floor,” a term coined by Robert Kronenberg in “Transportable Environments.”  Walls disappear, and only the essential elements for living remains. Each space is part of the “universal floor”: the floor of the restroom is the same used in…

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Tokyo Metropolitan Festival Hall (Tokyo Bunka Kaika / Kunio Maekawa
Cultural Architecture

Tokyo Metropolitan Festival Hall (Tokyo Bunka Kaikan) / Kunio Maekawa

The Tokyo Metropolitan Festival Hall (Tokyo Bunka Kaikan), designed by  Kunio Maekawa in 1957, opened in April 1961. The building was Japan’s first concert hall and was located in Tokyo’s Ueno Park. The heavy cornice and roof superstructures are reminiscent of Le Corbusier’s works, for whom Maekawa had previously worked. Directly adjacent to the hall stands the National Museum of…

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