1970’s Architecture

1970’s decade Architecture built and unbuilt projects (1970 – 1979)

Post-Modernism | Brutalism | Arcology | High-Tech Architecture
Indian Institute of Management / Louis Kahn
Educational & Sports Facilities

Louis Kahn’s Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad

The Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, better known as IIM Ahmedabad or simply IIMA, is a management institute located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The old campus was designed by Louis Kahn who was an exponent of exposed-brick architecture, with the help of B.V. Doshi & Anant Raje. The most distinctive features of the plan are the numerous arches and square…

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San Cataldo Cemetery / Aldo Rossi
Religious Architecture

San Cataldo Cemetery / Aldo Rossi

The San Cataldo Metropolitan Cemetery designed by Aldo Rossi  integrates a designed built by the architect Cesare Costa between 1858 and 1876 with a very modern building designed by the architect in 1971. Rossi was a man appreciated internationally for his Architecture theories and his desire was to make a building that reflected his social perspective and theories.

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