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Our Story

ArchEyes is an Architecture and Design online magazine.
Our mission is simple: to bring you a carefully edited selection of the most influential architecture from both established contemporary creatives to the most acclaimed architects throughout history. Since 2016, our team has been carefully curating stories about architecture, urbanism and product design to share our common passion with readers from all over the world. 

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If you are looking to target an audience of affluent, educated, and creative young professionals, ArchEyes is the place to be seen.

ArchEyes was founded in 2016 as a research Architecture project between young faculty members. After just a few months, the blog started receiving attention from prominent architecture critics and was featured in The Guardian and the New York Times articles. Since then, the growth has been exponential year after year, more than doubling our readership year after year.

In 2020, ArchEyes’ Alexa rank reached the Top 100K worldwide and the Top 20K in the United States. The site has received several awards during this time, such as the THA Design & Architecture Award (2020 & 2021). or the A´Best Design Media Award. Ranking among the most popular Architecture websites in the world, according to web-ranking firm Feedspot, we currently receive over 160000 visitors monthly.

As well as banner advertising, we offer a range of bespoke options such as editorial promotions, sponsored content and social media, awards media partnerships, and more.

ArchEyes Network

Our readers are opinion leaders, mainly working in creative industries. They are educated, mobile and fascinated by cultural diversity and alternative mobility. They are influential opinion leaders in their social groups, are forward-thinking and highly interconnected.


Visits/Month*: 160000

Average Time Spent*: 3:38 min


Twitter: 8,6K

Pinterest: 4,8K

Facebook: 4,2K

Instagram: 2,3K


Subscribers: 8K

Frequency: Weekly

* Source: Google Analytics

ArchEyes Audience

ArchEyes is an innovative media platform that looks at the world through the lens of design.


1. North America: 41%

2. Europe: 29%

3. Asia: 24%

4. Africa: 3%

5. Oceania: 3%


Age 18-24: 24.89%

Age 25-34: 35.18%

Age 35-44: 21,44%

Age 45-54: 8,55%

Age 55-64: 5,53%

Age 65+: 4,41%


Desktop: 70%

Mobile: 28%

Tablet: 2%


Female: 56%

Male: 44%

* Source: Google Analytics

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