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Exterior View The Retreat: Creek Vean House / Team 4

The Retreat: Creek Vean House / Team 4

In 1966, Team 4 completed its first project on the southern coast of Cornwall. Set in the ground, the cockpit-like structure has a trapezoid concrete shell, with built-in seats alongside a small kitchen including a stove. The seating zone was secured by a glass covering portrayed as a “complex, crystalline polyhedron”.

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Wood Summer House 2016 / Barkow Leibinger Architekten
Architecture, Cultural Architecture

Wood Summer House 2016 / Barkow Leibinger Architekten

Barkow Leibinger designed the Summer House as part of the Serpentine’s Architecture Programme 2016. The new Summer House is organized as four bands of structure beginning with a bench level attached to the ground, a second band of three C-shaped walls crowned by a third and fourth level which forms a roof that cantilevers a tree-like canopy over the smaller footprint…

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Jan Kaplický Drawings / Future Systems

11 Amazing Drawings of Neofuturistic Architecture by Jan Kaplický

Jan Kaplický was a world-renowned Neofuturistic Czech architect who spent a significant part of his life in the United Kingdom. He constantly developed and honed his graphic language, perfecting the technique of the cutaway isometric which became his trademark. Jan Kaplický drawings technical data Architects: Future Systems Evocative topics: neo-futuristic, isometric Images: © Jan Kaplický Center It’s not a sign of creativity to have…

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