Concrete in Architecture

Tokyo Metropolitan Festival Hall (Tokyo Bunka Kaika / Kunio Maekawa
Cultural Architecture

Tokyo Metropolitan Festival Hall (Tokyo Bunka Kaikan) / Kunio Maekawa

The Tokyo Metropolitan Festival Hall (Tokyo Bunka Kaikan), designed by  Kunio Maekawa in 1957, opened in April 1961. The building was Japan’s first concert hall and was located in Tokyo’s Ueno Park. The heavy cornice and roof superstructures are reminiscent of Le Corbusier’s works, for whom Maekawa had previously worked. Directly adjacent to the hall stands the National Museum of…

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Temple Street Parking Garage / Paul Rudolph

Temple Street Parking Garage / Paul Rudolph

In 1962 Paul Rudolph completed the six-story Temple Street parking garage in New Haven exemplifying the excitement of the automobile at the time. In two city blocks, the garage design was treated as a mega-structure the full 700-foot length. The architect used an organically shaped module fully built-in reinforced concrete to materialize the construction.

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Hoover Dam / Henry John Kaiser & Gordon Kaufmann
Architecture, Urban Design

Hoover Dam in the Arizona-Nevada Border / Gordon Kaufmann & Henry John Kaiser

Completed in 1936 on the border between Nevada and Arizona, the Hoover Dam is the second-highest dam in the United States and the 18th highest in the world. It was a monumental accomplishment for its era which set new standards for feasibility studies, structural analysis, quality control during construction, and post-construction performance evaluations. Nowadays, the dam’s generators provide power for public and…

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