Stewart House
© Susan Pickering Photography

The grand colonial estate, Stewart House, is the subject of this year’s Pasadena Showcase of Design. A total of 32 design firms have reimagined the mansion’s interiors, which is known for its architectural significance.

It is one of America’s oldest homes, bought by W.L. Stewart, who was then president of the Union Oil Company, as a wedding present for his son and his wife. Completed in 1933, Pasadena architects Sylvanus Marston and Edgar Maybury were commissioned to design the colonial revival-style home.

Transformation of the House

As a refresher, the Pasadena Showcase of Design is an annual event that features the transformation of a remarkable property to showcase interior design, architecture, and landscaping. It is organized by the Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts (PSHA), a nonprofit entity dedicated to supporting the arts and music education in the community. Each year, a different property in the area is selected as the venue for the showcase. Designers, architects, and landscapers are invited to collaborate and create innovative spaces within the property.

In addition to serving as a fundraiser, the event provides a source of inspiration for property renovations. For instance, for the first time in two decades, renovations have overtaken new construction in architectural buildings across the United States.

Financing improvements are expensive, and the trend will continue for as long as the Federal Reserve keeps interest rates high in a bid to curb rising inflation. The good news is there are options that allow you to borrow money against your home. Secured loans can be taken alongside an existing mortgage to obtain funds using a house as collateral. Extensions or renovations can pay off in the long run as they add value to a property, improve market appeal, save money, and enhance personal enjoyment. 

Highlights of the Makeover

Respecting the original features of the house, the best parts of the transformation include the welcome garden inspired by Greenlink Landscaping. It followed a pompous approach to greenery flashing boxwood globes and iceberg roses. Upon entering the grand house, sleek and modern designs combined with the traditional grandeur meet the visitor.

Marbe Designs set the background using glass fixtures, a Murano chandelier, and Romanoff wallpaper.

The diverse design mix brings back the soul of the estate to its original glory.

– Briceno from Marbe Designs

The living room, which is a central part of the manor, was done by Tocco Finale using Chinese antiques and European objects to attain a traditional and functional look. For an elegant feel, designers Dona Dockendorf and Brenda Jacquez put rock crystal light fixtures.

Another important room in the mansion is the library, redone by Halter Home. Move further in the house, and the dining room shines with updated murals, a Lorelei chandelier, elegant cabinetry, and lamps, as well as the lavish dining table and chairs by Rachel Duarte Design Studio. The expansive kitchen and family room were done by KMP Interiors, featuring an open floor plan, an oak island, and a wine bar.

The transformation of the Stewart House pays tribute to the property’s traditional roots and, at the same time, brings cutting-edge designs to the house. It also provides significant funds to worthy arts and music causes.