Exterior Facade

CAMP: Center for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning

The Center for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning, is an urban planning hotspot in the heart of Prague aiming to improve public discussion about the development of the Czech’s capital city. Striving to become an essential source of clear and accessible information about the present and the future of Prague, it functions as an open platform, a “basecamp” for anyone interested…

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Colecciones Reales Royal Colections by Masilla y Tuñon
Architecture, Cultural Architecture

Royal Collections Museum in Madrid / Mansilla & Tuñon

The Royal Collections Museum in Madrid by Mansilla & Tuñón was built taking into account the classic structure of the Royal Palace and the modern concept of a descending museum. The Art Museum is expected to be open in 2020 and will be located in a new building in the gardens of the Campo del Moro park next to the Almudena Cathedral and the Royal…

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Kamoi Museum / TNA Architects
Cultural Architecture, Japanese Architecture

Kamoi Museum / TNA Architects

The Kamoi Museum designed by Japanese Architects TNA and completed in 2012 is an old factory renovation for the KAMOI-KAKOSHI processed paper company in Japan. The Architects aimed to change the dark, cold image of the factory into a bright and comfortable work space. KAMOI-KAKOSHI is a Japanese company with a history of nearly 100 years famous for its Masking Tape (MT). This tape is made…

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