estudioamatam architecture homedesign Capitaes de Abril apartment living room
The Capitães de Abril Apartment | © Garcês

In the heart of Almada, the creative minds at Estúdio AMATAM have transformed a compact 51 sqm apartment into a versatile living space. This project illustrates the capacity of thoughtful design to transcend conventional space boundaries, offering a dual reality of compartmentalization and fluid openness.

Capitães de Abril Apartment Technical Information

As soon as we open the door, we are surprised by a bright and elegant space, in which the white color predominates… Throughout the apartment, we sought a chromatic balance with hints of wood elements to have a cozy minimalist space.

– Estudio AMATAM Architects

Capitães de Abril Apartment Photographs

estudioamatam architecture homedesign Capitaes de Abril apartment living room
© Garcês
estudioamatam architecture homedesign Capitaes de Abril apartment living room
© Garcês
b estudioamatam architecture homedesign Capitaes de Abril apartment home office
© Garcês
estudioamatam architecture homedesign Capitaes de Abril apartment entrance
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estudioamatam architecture homedesign Capitaes de Abril apartment kitchen
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A Dual Reality: Compartmentalization Meets Fluidity

The architects envisioned the apartment as a canvas of two contrasting scenarios: one of a highly compartmentalized space and the other, a seamless expanse without barriers. This vision led to the ingenious implementation of large, movable panels that, when opened, integrate the apartment’s four main areas into a singular, cohesive space. This design choice not only enhances the apartment’s sense of spaciousness but also its functionality, allowing residents to tailor the space to their needs at any given moment.

A Bright and Elegant Welcome

Upon entering, visitors are greeted by a space where elegance and luminosity take center stage, primarily dominated by shades of white. A cleverly designed niche, lined with wood, serves as a practical area for storing shoes and personal items, setting the tone for the apartment’s minimalist yet cozy aesthetic. The living space is bathed in natural light, courtesy of the large windows, inviting one to explore further.

Functional Spaces within a Compact Layout

One of the project’s standout features is the seamless integration of a workspace within the modest 16 sqm of the living room. The architects capitalized on an existing niche to craft a custom home office that effortlessly combines functionality with comfort without compromising the dining area’s usability. An expandable desk ensures a flexible working environment, demonstrating the project’s core philosophy of maximizing utility in compact spaces.

Cohesive Design and Visual Continuity

estudioamatam capitaes abril apartment kitchen before
estudioamatam capitaes abril apartment kitchen after

The dining area, highlighted by a singular suspended light fixture, acts as the heart of the apartment. A sideboard extends from the office to the exterior, enhancing the sense of continuity. The living area, ingeniously located in a former marquee space, enjoys views of the external greenery, providing a serene backdrop and mitigating the urban hustle.

The kitchen’s open layout fosters a fluid transition between dining and cooking spaces. A small window reinforces this by fostering interaction with the living room. The white color scheme and light countertops extend throughout, amplifying the sense of space and coherence in the design.

Private Spaces Defined by Subtlety and Function

Privacy is elegantly managed with a white pivoting plane, delineating the bedroom from the social areas. The entrance vestibule allows access to the bathroom without passing through the bedroom, maintaining the apartment’s overall flow. The bedroom continues the apartment’s color palette, with wooden details and a gray burel upholstered headboard, ensuring a peaceful and balanced environment.

Capitães de Abril Apartment Plans

estudioamatam architecture interior design Capitaes Abril apartment proposal plan
Floor Plan | © Estudio AMATAM
estudioamatam architecture interior design Capitaes Abril apartment axonometry
Axonometric View | © Estudio AMATAM

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About Estudio AMATAM

Estúdio  AMATAM was founded by Manuela Tamborino and João Escaleira Amaral, two architects who decided to join skills to embrace new challenges in various areas of Architecture and Urbanism. The studio operates in different scenarios and countries with formal and informal strategies. The search for innovative solutions punctuated with creative approaches that bring architecture closer to an art form, together with customer satisfaction, are vectors that guide the focus of this team.

Notes & Additional Credits
  1. Authors: João Amaral, Manuela Tamborino
  2. Collaborator: Erica David, André Oliveira