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Best Architecture YouTube Channels | © Szabo Viktor

In the ever-evolving world of architecture, staying updated with the latest trends, technologies, and theories is crucial. Whether you’re an architect, a student, or simply an architecture enthusiast, YouTube has become an invaluable resource for learning and inspiration.

Here, we highlight some of the best architecture YouTube channels that offer a wealth of knowledge, insights, and inspiration to fuel your architectural passion. This list is thoughtfully arranged, starting with the channels boasting the highest number of subscribers at the top.

The B1M | 3,09M Subscribers

Dedicated to construction and architecture, The B1M is arguably the best channel for architectural storytelling. It offers high-quality documentaries, detailed case studies, and insightful analyses of architectural projects and construction techniques from around the globe.

The Bim

TEDx Architecture | 23,9M Subscribers


While not a channel dedicated solely to architecture, TEDx features numerous talks on architecture that inspire and provoke thought. From sustainable design practices to innovative urban planning solutions, the talks cover a wide range of topics relevant to today’s architects.
You can find TedX Architecture Talks here.

Living Big In A Tiny House | 4,55M Subscribers

Living Big In A Tiny House is the go-to YouTube channel for those intrigued by tiny living and seeking to simplify their lives. It takes viewers on a global journey, exploring innovative tiny homes and the lifestyles they enable. The channel not only showcases the beauty and functionality of small space design but also shares the stories of those who embrace this minimalist lifestyle. Ideal for anyone interested in off-the-grid living or the tiny house movement, it offers a blend of inspiration and practical advice for living large in small spaces.

living big

Never Too Small | 2,53M Subscribers

never too small

Never Too Small is a YouTube channel that showcases the beauty and innovation of small-footprint living. It features award-winning designers and their tiny homes, micro-apartments, and compact studios, highlighting how intelligent design can significantly enhance living in limited spaces. The channel addresses the global challenge of urban overcrowding by demonstrating that smaller living spaces do not mean a compromised quality of life. Instead, through smart design, “Never Too Small” illustrates the potential for sustainable and efficient living, providing inspiration and guidance for those interested in reducing their environmental impact while living in or designing compact urban dwellings.

30X40 Design Workshop | 1,12M Subscribers

Run by architect Eric Reinholdt, 30X40 Design Workshop focuses on the design process, architectural tutorials, and career advice. This channel is particularly beneficial for students and young architects looking to refine their craft and understand the nuances of architectural design.


Stewart Hicks Takes on Buildings & Cities | 430K Subscribers

stewark Hicks

Based in Chicago, Stewart Hicks’s channel Takes on Buildings and Cities offers a profound exploration into the built environment, merging educational content with insightful explorations of architecture and urbanism. As an Associate Professor and Associate Dean at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and co-founder of Design With Company, Hicks brings an authoritative voice to the discussion of how buildings and cities influence each other.

Upstairs | 390K Subscribers

Upstairs is a distinctive YouTube channel devoted to the art and skill of architectural representation. It serves as an international platform for teaching and exploring how architects visualize their designs. Emphasizing the deep connection between expression and the architectural design process, Upstairs is committed to aiding students, aspiring architects, and professionals in better showcasing their architectural visions.


Show It Better | 348K Subscribers

Show it better

Focusing on architectural visualization and presentation, Show It Better teaches viewers how to effectively communicate their designs. With tutorials on rendering, diagramming, and portfolio design, this channel is perfect for architects aiming to make a lasting impression.

Dezeen | 255K Subscribers

The YouTube channel of the world-renowned architecture and design magazine Dezeen features interviews, project tours, and discussions on contemporary architectural trends. It’s an excellent platform for staying updated on the global architecture scene.


ArchDaily | 174K Subscribers


As an extension of the architecture site, ArchDaily’s YouTube channel is a treasure trove of interviews, project walkthroughs, and expert discussions. It’s perfect for those looking to dive deep into the minds of contemporary architects and understand the stories behind groundbreaking projects.

WIA – What is architecture | 3,99K Subscribers

WIA – What is Architecture? is a thought-provoking YouTube channel that interviews leading architects and thinkers such as Peter Cook, MVRDV, Greg Lynn, or Jeffrey Kipnis to explore the essence and potential of architecture. It offers a panoramic view of contemporary architectural thought and acts as a dynamic archive of professional insights. Rather than providing definitive answers, WIA stimulates dialogue within the architectural community, presenting monologues from experts as a basis for a broader conversation.

what is architecture

Summing Up the World of Architecture on YouTube

Each of these channels offers a unique perspective on architecture, from the intricacies of design and construction to the broader impacts of architecture on society and culture. Whether you’re looking for practical advice, deep theoretical insights, or just a daily dose of architectural beauty, there’s something on YouTube for everyone.

Remember, the field of architecture is as much about continuous learning as it is about creation. These channels not only serve as a source of information but also as a community for like-minded individuals passionate about shaping the world through design.

Happy watching, and may these channels inspire your next architectural endeavor!