Mountaintop Facility in Yashima / Sou Fujimoto

Japanese Architect Sou Fujimoto has received the Second Prize in the International Competition to design a multipurpose Gallery Facility for the city of Takamatsu. Takashi Suo has been chosen ahead of compatriots Sou Fujimoto and Junya Ishigami.

Mountaintop Gallery Proposal by Sou Fujimoto technical information

Mountaintop Gallery Proposal

Mountaintop Facility in Yashima / Sou Fujimoto Mountaintop Facility in Yashima / Sou Fujimoto Mountaintop Facility in Yashima / Sou Fujimoto Mountaintop Facility in Yashima / Sou Fujimoto

The international competition attracted 213 submissions, six of which were chosen to advance to the final stage of the contest. From these entries, a jury that included Kazuyo Sejima selected the design by SUO (Takashi Suo’s kyoto-based studio), with Sou Fujimoto placing second. Other proposals from Junya Ishigami, NAYA Architects, Happenstance Collective, and Aief were also considered.

Aims of the Competition. From the competition Guidelines

Yashima, located in the Seto Inland Sea, has a unique topography called “mesa”, meaning “tableland”. The cap rock on the mountaintop is composed of “Tatami Ishi”, developed from Sanukitoid Andesite. The island has been designated as a natural monument owing to its high scholarly value.

Takamatsu City of Kagawa Prefecture is implementing the construction plan of the Mountaintop Facility in Yashima with the aim to regenerate this attractive island as a symbol of the community, which citizens will be proud of.

Prior to his construction plan, the city had proposed a “construction plan of a Visitor Center (tourist information facility) as one of important strategies for “Basic Plan for Revitalization of Yashima” formulated in January 2013. And it was followed by “Basic Plan for Construction of the Mountaintop Facility in Yashima” formulated in May 2014.

The Mountaintop Facility is required to fulfill the following: it should have a dignified appearance that is integrated with the mountaintop landscape; it would represent Yashima’s abundant history and the cultural values; and the top-level professional ability is required to design all programs for visitors most accordingly. The building should represent, not only Takamatsu City or Bisan-Seto, but the greater Seto Inland Sea region , and simultaneously serve as the focal point of Seto Inland Sea National Park for a long time.

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