House for a young couple in Tokyo / Junya Ishigami© Junya Ishigami + associates

The ‘house for a young couple’ in Tokyo, designed by Japanese architect Junya Ishigami contains a small garden within its cuboid envelope, blurring boundaries between interior and exterior.

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The objective is to create a new type of hybrid space that could not have been conceived either by contemporary architecture or classical architecture alone.

–  Junya Ishigami

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House for a young couple in Tokyo / Junya Ishigami

© Junya Ishigami + Associates


© Junya Ishigami + Associates

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In a suburb of Tokyo where architecture is seen as “a landscape comprised of a repetition of nothing but ready-built houses that continue endlessly,” this house inverts the outside world onto the building’s interior, inserting a microcosm of nature into the deeply artificial environment of the city.

The exterior has a cuboid geometry with linear rows of glazing, revealing glimpses of the unusual residential arrangement. The facade is understated to the point of anonymity and is treated as an exercise of abstract compositional work. Its minimal ornamentation divided by contrasting open and closed panels almost perfectly camouflaged into its mundane urban surroundings.

However, on the interior, a miniature forest grows in the corner of the dwelling, developing an organic playground for its inhabitants.  The double-height volume carefully manipulates regular, everyday experiences. A curving line of soil makes its mark on the living room floor as if quietly invading the human-made structure.

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© Junya Ishigami + Associates


© Junya Ishigami + Associates

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