Best Ways To Increase Natural Light In Your Home

Courtyard House by Think Architecture | © Radek Brunecky

You probably heard that excessive exposure to sunlight is dangerous. Nevertheless, inviting more natural light to your home is an effective way to lift your mood and make your home stand out from the rest. Additionally, the right balance of sunlight offers some fantastic health benefits.

If you would like to increase the amount of sunlight that enters your house, you came to the right place. Here, you will find the best ways to increase natural light in your home, including adding skylights, installing larger windows, painting your walls with brighter paints, and using mirrors. All of these things can quickly transform your home into a much brighter place.

Add More Shiny Objects to Your Interiors

The Farnsworth House / Mies van der Rohe

The Farnsworth House | © Victor Grigas

One of the best ways to bring more light into your home is by placing more shiny objects inside it. You can quickly do it by putting things like furniture with glass accents or decorative vases in your rooms and corridors. This way, they will reflect sunlight that enters the room and make the interiors of your house look brighter and bigger.

Additionally, if you want to bring more sunlight to your garage, you can opt for garage floor epoxy coating and add metallic finishes to your workbench and cabinets. It is an excellent way to transform your dark garage into a much more welcoming and comfortable space.

Install Larger Windows

Fire place - Five Patio Houses in Meilen / Think Architecture

Five Patio Houses by Think Architecture | © Simone Bossi

If you can afford to undertake a simple home renovation project, you should consider replacing your current windows with larger ones. Thanks to this, you will increase the amount of natural illumination.

Besides, installing ample windows can increase your home’s value, as many luxurious condos and villas have them. For example, if you see houses in Sea Pines for sale with your own eyes, you will notice that most of them are inspired by California Modern architectural style, which features open floor plans and large windows.

Nowadays, you can find windows with more exposed glass that should be perfect for your needs. The most popular options you might want to consider are bay, bow, or picture windows. Each of them will offer you more light and ventilation than other models.

Change Your Curtains and Blinds

think architecture courtyard houses

Courtyard House by Think Architecture | © Radek Brunecky

First things first, rip down your curtains and blinds! If you have any curtains made of dark materials, like velvet or velour, remove them immediately. They only suppress the light that could get inside your house.

The next thing to do is to install lighter curtains. Opt for natural fabrics such as cotton or white linen curtains, or go for a vibrant color if you want some excitement in your home. Curtains that are too dark will make your home feel smaller, so the best way to deal with this issue is to remove the dark curtains and replace them with lighter ones.

Alternatively, you can remove your curtains altogether and search for some other window treatments that will filter light into your home. Establish what solutions will work best in what rooms and apply them accordingly.

Replace Dark Cabinets and Countertops With Light Ones

Tinker Patches Residential Interior Design by Hsin-Ting Weng

House by Hsin-Ting Weng

If you have dark cabinets and dark countertops, it’s time to replace them with something lighter. As light colors reflect natural light, countertops in lighter colors will make your kitchen look bigger and brighter. For example, white paint can help you achieve this effect.

By using furniture in light colors, you can significantly increase the amount of sunlight that comes into your room and beautify your home at the same time. It is one of the most straightforward solutions you can use to combat your issue of not having enough light.

Replace Wall Space With Glass Blocks

Another tip that we can give you is to replace your exterior wall sections with glass  locks. Glass blocks will let more sunlight into your home without compromising residents’ p ivacy. This design choice was at the height of its popularity in the ’80s, but it is not unusual to see it today.

Another good idea is to add glass blocks in place of basement or garage w ndows. This way, you can quickly increase light penetration and make even the darkest places in your home a little brighter.

Think About Using Mirrors and Tall Plants

mA style architects GREEN EDGE HOUSE

House by mA-style-architects

From a design perspective, mirrors are fantastic since they reflect light and create an illusion of space. If your house is small and has no windows, you can use mirrors on the walls to improve the lighting sit ation. It is especially true if you have a small dining room with tall ce lings. Mirrors will allow natural light to bounce off the walls and create that illusion of space that you want.

Moreover, mirrors are a great addition to any room because they enhance the style of the place and offer a uniqu  look. When used correctly, mirrors can transform a normal-looking room into something more attractive.

However, remember not to overdo it, as too many mirrors can make the place look tacky. Instead of placing a mirror on every wall, discover the most beneficial locations for them and hang them there.

Install Skylights

think architecture courtyard houses
© Radek Brunecky
think architecture courtyard houses
© Radek Brunecky

If you’re looking for the best way to add more natural light to your home, consider installing sky ights. You should especially consider doing this if you have high ceilings or your house has a second floor.

Skylights are glass panels that you can install on a c iling. You can usually find them over doors, in bathrooms, closet , etc. They are designed to let in natural light, so they are trendy among homeowners who want to capture every ray of sunlight entering their house.

Use Bright Colors on Your Walls

Marcaron House Interior Design by Yuan Chang Tsai and Pin Yu Chen


There is nothing better than bright colors to lift your mood and make your room look  igger. The right paint will have a significant impact on the way your home looks. You can choose from a variety of shades to paint your walls. Just make sure the shade you select is bright and v brant. You can even pick some fun shades like pink, yellow, or orange if you want to add some excitement to your home.

Alternatively, you can use wallpapers made of bright  olors. They will have the same effect as painting walls with bright paints but might be more fitting with the rest of your interior design.


When it comes to adding sunlight to your home, there is no limit to what you ca  do! You can use mirrors, bright colors, and curtains made of natural mater als. A variety of options are available to you, which means that you can brighten up your home in just no time.

Remember to follow our tips, and you should have no issues creating the perfect space for your whole family.

Best of luck!