Kerem Bursin was nominated for his role in the film at the 2008 Evvy Awards in the Outstanding Performance for Film or Television category.

The Architect technical data

  • Written & Directed by: Cameron Beyl
  • Director Of Photography : Patrick Scola
  • Film Year : 2007
  • Super 16mm
  • Location : Boston, MA
  • Starring : Kerem Bursin, Corinne Mesa, John Depew, and Kyle Andrews


Craig is a rising young architect at a prominent Boston firm. For days, he has been having visions of his head of a building- a building he strongly feels he was born to design. When his firm catches wind of a design competition for a landmark mixed-use residential and office tower, he is commissioned to head the development team. Craig sees his chance to make his vision a reality. An obsessive worker, he throws himself headfirst into his work in an effort to design his masterpiece, only to be met with catastrophic consequences.