Talking Architecture is a series of meetings, organized by PLANTA, that invite architects, critics, and intellectuals from different disciplines to reflect upon architecture.

Environment, resources and techniques make up the basis of the third edition of Talking Architecture since the most important prime materials for architecture are worked according to specific techniques from the available resources in the environments where we build.

Talking Architecture Interview extracts

Luis Fernandez Galiano

Hanif Kara

Alexander Ivancic

Anupama Kundoo

Philip Ursprung

Topics of the interview:

We live inside two environments simultaneously: the natural and the cultural. How can we inter-relate them?

Could we improve the first one, the natural, through the second, the cultural?

How can we manage natural resources so as to avoid wasting them?

How could architects reduce the use of so many resources not only on the already built but also in new cities?

With what advantages can traditional technologies contribute to the construction of architecture?

What changes have digital technologies brought about in the construction sector?