Yona Friedman

Yona Friedman in 1980 in his atelier

In Memoriam of Theorist Yona Friedman (1923 – 2020)

Yona Friedman, the Hungarian-born French architect, urban planner and designer who helped develop the concept of “mobile architecture” in the 1960s and 70s, has passed away at age 96. In 1958, Yona Friedman published his first manifesto: “Mobile architecture” which argued that the built environment should empower its inhabitants to take charge of their own individual destinies. He described a…

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20th Century Retrospective, Landscape Architecture, Utopian Projects

Mobile Architecture / Yona Friedman

During the 50’s a new architectural concept was developed by Yona Friedman in collaboration with the group GEAM “Groupe d’étude d’architecture mobile”. In 1958 the Hungarian-Israeli architect published a manifesto called Architecture Mobile that fostered a new type of free citizen able to conquer the space through huge ‘superstructures’ over  the existing cities. Friedman envisioned that the increase of leisure time…

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