From Furniture to City planning: Kenji Ekuan designs at his best
20th Century Retrospective, Product Design, Utopian Projects

Kenji Ekuan’s Stimulating Projects from Furniture Design to City Planning

Kenji Ekuan was a Japanese industrial designer, best known for creating the design of the Kikkoman soy sauce bottle. His designs originate from the sights of Hiroshima’s devastation after the U.S. atomic bombing of the city 70 years ago. He heard the voices of street cars, bicycles and other objects mangled and abandoned, saying they had wished to have been utilized…

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Offset frame Chair by Nendo
Product Design

Offset Frame Chair by Nendo

Offset frame Chair technical information Designer: Nendo Design Team: Keisuke Maeda Collaborator: fna Manufacturer: Kokuyo Product: Chair Project Year: 2015 Photographer: Hiroshi Iwasaki Article from Nendo A casual stacking chair that has a variety of purposes ranging from placing it in meeting areas or open spaces of an office. Although the composition of the chair is simple, comprised of the…

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