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The decision to renovate a kitchen is often put off many times. However, if you know how much it costs to renovate your kitchen, you can start saving money for the goal and achieve it faster. Planning your spending helps you avoid poor purchasing decisions and duplicate costs. Will a few thousand be enough? What are you able to do with $20,000-30,000 for a renovation? Before starting the work, get to know the current possibilities!

How to calculate the cost of a kitchen renovation?

The total cost of a kitchen renovation depends on many factors. It is worth taking into account not only the size or initial condition of the room, but also the number of elements that we want to replace. If it’s a complete kitchen renovation, the cost can be several times higher than with minor improvements.

So what expenses do you have to take into account? For example, how much will it cost to renovate a 10 m2 kitchen? The price ranges from a few to even tens of thousands and consists of many elements, which are worth considering individually for each apartment. It may be helpful to have a detailed design or determine a budget that you do not want to exceed, along with a small margin for unexpected expenses.

In planning your kitchen renovation, budgeting is crucial to avoid overextending financially. For those navigating renovations with financial constraints, exploring alternative financing options can be a lifeline. Understanding how to renovate your kitchen with bad credit is essential for making informed decisions that align with your financial reality. For comprehensive guidance on managing a kitchen renovation with bad credit, consider exploring resources like Renovating Your Kitchen with Bad Credit which offers tailored advice for achieving your dream kitchen without compromising your financial health.

Kitchen Renovation – Price depends on…

To calculate how much it will cost to renovate a kitchen in an apartment, you need to think about a few key issues. Expenses can be divided into the materials you will need to refurbish your kitchen, labour costs and additional costs such as garbage removal after removing old appliances. You can greatly reduce labor costs by doing the simpler jobs yourself, such as disassembly and painting.

What else has an influence on the price of particular elements? Pay attention to issues such as:

  • Area – the cost of renovating a 15 m2 kitchen is different from that of a 9 m2 one, as a small kitchen means lower prices for tiles or painting;
  • Location – despite appearances, region also matters: the price of professional services in the capital will be higher than in smaller towns;
  • Scope of work – the initial state of your kitchen and how much work you plan to do to change it. Think first and foremost about how many items you need to completely replace, whether you need to move electricity and water connections, whether you will buy new furniture or appliances, etc. The broader the scope of the work, the greater the financial outlay it may consume.

Kitchen Renovation – The Cost of each stage

1. Preparatory work

Some work will need to be done even before the actual renovation. We are talking about getting rid of used appliances, furniture, and general cleaning of the room. Bond cleaning melbourne can help you deep clean, sanitize and declutter your kitchen to kick-start the renovation process. You can do most of this step yourself to save on labor. However, if it involves removing tiles, replacing installations, or demolishing a wall, it is better to ask for help from professionals. An important issue, which can be easily omitted in the rush of preparations, is waste disposal – you will need a special container for this purpose.

Preparing for a renovation also includes designing a new kitchen. This is usually a small room, which makes it a challenge to arrange the zones and the necessary equipment comfortably. You can handle this yourself using ready-made designs and built-in kits, or you can go to an interior designer.

So before you start renovating your kitchen – how much does the preparation alone cost? You can spend anywhere from $1,500 to as much as $4,000-5,000 on this type of work – an amount that can be greatly reduced by forgoing certain professional services.

2. Installation Works

In the next stage, it is better not to save money. Renovate the electrical and plumbing systems with experienced professionals and compare several offers before making a decision.

If you are wondering whether to replace everything at once or go in stages, we still suggest a complete kitchen renovation. The cost will certainly be higher, but it will be a one-off cost and you won’t have to do any more drilling and smithing in the near future.

How much does a kitchen renovation cost in terms of plumbing? Both plumbing and electrical are billed per connection point. An average kitchen needs two water connections: to the sink and to the dishwasher. There are more electrical points, as this includes all appliances, lamps, and additional outlets. Assuming about ten, we can pay a total of $3000 for installation work.

Kitchen Renovation
Project Manager Evaluating Cost

3. Finishing work

Finishing options during a kitchen renovation leave you wide open, which results in big differences in costs. The materials used are of no small importance: decorative floor tiles will be more expensive but also more durable than linoleum, while tiles on the wall can be replaced by cheaper latex paint. It will withstand moisture and frequent cleaning. You can also complement the painted surface with tiles only in critical spots – at the countertop and sink. Then a more decorative pattern, such as a geometric decor, will also work.

In addition to the choice of options, the budget for finishing is influenced by the exact size of the room and, consequently, the surface to be covered. Often on this occasion, the ceiling is also refreshed, for which a special paint will be useful. Taking into account the cost of renovating a kitchen of 10 m2, on this aspect you can spend from $3500 up to $7000-8000.

4. Equipment and additional costs

Interestingly, it’s the fit-out of a new kitchen that can take up a large part of the budget. The good news is that it represents another element that can change a lot depending on your individual needs and what you manage to use from the previous arrangement.

However, let’s assume that you need a comprehensive renovation. How much does it cost to renovate a kitchen with full furnishings? Buying a good-quality, ready-made built-in shouldn’t be more than $10,000. However, you can find smaller, less expensive sets starting at just a few hundred dollars and up. Making custom furniture can cost you even two or three times more than a ready-made modular set.

Theoretically, replacing home appliances does not have to be included in the cost of kitchen renovation, but often the breakdown of one of the appliances becomes an excuse to start renovation work. In such a case, reserve additional several hundred or several thousand dollars in your budget, depending on what and how many appliances you want to replace. A built-in microwave would be a smaller expense, whereas a modern induction hob without separate heating zones would be a bigger one.

Once you have an outline of your new kitchen, it’s time to think about the details. In your estimate, look for room for light fixtures, roller blinds or curtains. You can also include small details such as switches, power sockets, fixtures, as well as your favourite decorations and potted plants. This will help you get your kitchen ready for when you want to start using it.

How much does a kitchen renovation cost? Estimates

If you’ve been following this article from the beginning, you already know that the total amount to spend on a new kitchen can really vary a lot depending on many factors. However, if tempted to summarize, can we determine on average how much it costs to renovate a kitchen in an apartment building?

Let’s calculate the above sub costs. The cost of renovating a 10 m2 kitchen, including replacing the most important installations, refreshing walls and floors, and partially furnishing, can be an expense of several to tens of thousands. Lower amounts assume superficial refreshing of the existing facilities, without replacement of fixtures or changes in installations. A budget above $20,000-30,000 may be enough for a major overhaul of a small kitchen.

If you decide to renovate your kitchen, it is worth betting on the extended option and doing a full replacement of appliances. Organizing a renovation means a lot of fixed costs and mess, and by doing it comprehensively, you avoid duplicating some expenses and reduce the inconvenience that another renovation generates in a short period of time.

A new kitchen that will last longer

We hope that thanks to our tips you will find the best solutions for yourself and soon you will enjoy a renovated kitchen at a relatively low price. Remember to be guided primarily by your own convenience and taste – that way your new kitchen will remain functional for a long time.

As you plan for specific expenses, take a look at selected categories on our site. Here you’ll find inspiration and resources to help you through all the steps mentioned in the article.

Good luck!