Tokyo Olympic SradiumJapanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka has revealed his proposal for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Stadium: The Floating Fountain. A piece of Architecture transformed into a platform for the Olympic Flame.

The Floating Fountain Tokyo Olympic 2020 technical information

A piece of architecture which transcends form becomes a fountain for athletes, and at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics it will be reborn as a huge platform for the Olympic Flame – a symbol of courage and hope to people all over the world

– Tokujin Yoshioka

Tokyo Olympic stadium 2020

Yoshioka planned to compete against Kengo Kuma and Toyo Ito in the most recent stadium design contest but was excluded from entering.

The Architecture of the future will be founded in an “experience” born out of heightened human sensation and time. Its remit will be to enchant the spectator, in much the same way as immersing oneself in a live operatic performance does.

– Tokujin Yoshioka

Like original competition winner Zaha Hadid, who was also unable to bid for the project again, the Tokyo-based designer could not meet the brief criteria without finding a construction partner able to guarantee a budget.

Since the competition this time around called for a design-build format, countless architects including Zaha Hadid and myself were not able to participate.

– Tokujin Yoshioka

The designer’s proposal is for a ring-shaped stadium with a pool of water on the roof. This pool could be repurposed as an ice-skating rink, he suggests, while during events, it would integrate a ring of fire.

Now that Kengo Kuma has been selected to take the project forward, Yoshioka hopes his design can be recycled for another location, either in Japan or elsewhere.

It is my wish that this idea will live on perpetually and be realised somewhere in the world in the future.

– Tokujin Yoshioka

About Tokujin Yoshioka

Born in 1967. Established Tokujin Yoshioka Inc. in 2000. His works, which transcend the boundaries of product design, architecture, and exhibition installation, are highly evaluated also as art.

His representative works include the paper chair “Honey-pop,” “PANE chair,” and “MEDIA SKIN” “X-RAY” for au design project.