“Design greats: meeting Moshe Safdie” Podcast contents

  • Publisher: Monocle
  • Duration: 28 Minutes

Chapter 1: Moshe Safdie

The Israeli-Canadian architect Moshe Safdie is responsible for some of the most striking buildings of the past few decades. His signature geometric style of lavish curves and green space has made the self-styled modernist an influential voice in the industry. Safdie sits down with Monocle contributor Jason Li in one of his most striking projects to date – the Marina Bay Sands complex in Singapore – to reflect on his life and work.

Chapter 2: Very British Types

Anyone who has used public transport in London or read a classic Penguin paperback will be familiar with the work of seminal UK type designers Edward Johnston and Eric Gill. Now a new book, ‘Johnston and Gill: Very British Types’, looks at the development of the sans serif typefaces that bear their names, as well as the impact that they had on visual culture in the UK and around the world. We meet the book’s author Mark Ovenden.

Chapter 3: How to design a trade show

Design professionals know the grind of the trade-show circuit and there’s some irony in the fact that these spaces are rarely eye-catching or enriching affairs. But the Nordic Pavilion at Mapic – the European retail property trade show that took place in Cannes last week – managed to bring some architectural flair to proceedings. Henry Rees-Sheridan speaks to the architect behind the pavilion, Alessandro Cardinale.

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