Residential Tower Stadsljus credit Cobe and Yellon
© Cobe & Yellon

Stockholm, a city celebrated for its flat cityscape, is poised for a transformative landmark thanks to Danish and Swedish architecture firms Cobe and Yellon. Their winning entry, Stadsljus (City Light), symbolizes modern living while honoring its historical roots. Rising 110 meters above sea level, this residential tower is more than just a building; it’s a tribute to the city’s industrial past, particularly its historic gasworks.

Stadsljus Residential Tower Technical Information

With its combination of three cylinders, ‘Stadsljus’ is as an interpretation of the historical gasometers from the site. The residential tower not only reflects the essence of its time and purpose but, standing alongside its historic counterparts, forms a harmonious family of gasholders that will grace the Stockholm skyline while enriching its local surroundings.

– Dan Stubbergaard and Fredric Scherman

Stadsljus Residential Tower Photographs

Residential Tower Stadsljus credit Cobe and Yellon
© Cobe & Yellon
Residential Tower Stadsljus credit Cobe and Yellon
© Cobe & Yellon
Residential Tower Stadsljus credit Cobe and Yellon
© Cobe & Yellon
Residential Tower Stadsljus credit Cobe and Yellon
© Cobe & Yellon
Residential Tower Stadsljus credit Cobe and Yellon
© Cobe & Yellon

Stadsljus: Blending History with Modernity in Stockholm’s Skyline

Nestled in Stockholm’s Royal Seaport, the site of Stadsljus is steeped in history. Once a bustling industrial area, it housed the city’s gas production for over a century. Key to this site are the iconic cylindrical gasholders, including Ferdinand Boberg’s creations from the late 1890s. While some of these structures have been preserved, Gasholder 4 has given way to this new structure.

The design of Stadsljus is a thoughtful homage to these historical gasometers. Comprising three interlinked cylinders, it mimics the form and spirit of its predecessors. This design choice not only preserves the memory of the past but also integrates seamlessly into the existing architectural ensemble of the gasworks area.

Stadsljus promises diversity in its residential offerings with about 300 apartments of varying sizes, from compact studios to spacious units. This range caters to a broad demographic, ensuring that the tower is a home for people at different stages of their lives. The inclusion of co-ownership models further democratizes access to this prime real estate.

The design optimizes natural light, with apartments offering panoramic views of Stockholm. Many units also boast terraces, a luxury in city living. This blend of private and communal spaces in Stadsljus mirrors the ethos of OBOS in creating homes that serve a wide community.

Architecturally, Stadsljus is a symphony of references to its historic context. The base of the tower, made of open brick, draws from the Boberg gasholders. The body, with a modular metal façade, reflects the industrial nature of the original gasworks, while the crown, with its distinctive pitch and overhang, pays direct tribute to the top of the Boberg gasholders. This crown not only adds to the skyline but is also functional, housing solar cells and technical apparatus.

The use of a modular and prefabricated façade assembly in its construction speaks to modern efficiencies in building techniques, balancing aesthetics with practicality.

Scheduled for construction in 2026 and completion in 2029, Stadsljus is more than a residential tower. It’s a symbol of sustainable urban development, marrying history with modernity, and a testament to the visionary approach of Cobe and Yellon. As Stockholm evolves, Stadsljus will stand as a testament to the city’s commitment to thoughtful, inclusive, and sustainable urban development.

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About Cobe

Cobe is a Danish architecture company founded in 2006 by architect and Professor at Harvard University,
Dan Stubbergaard. Cobe’s ambition is to create surroundings that actively contribute to extraordinary
everyday living. Among the firm’s principal projects are The Silo in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn (North
Har¬bour) district, the urban space Karen Blixens Plads at the University of Copenhagen, and HALFTIME,
the global headquarters for Adidas, in Germany. Additionally, Cobe just opened The Opera Park in
the heart of Copenhagen, providing a green oasis amidst an urban development.

About Yellon

Yellon is a multidisciplinary partner that innovates products and places through architecture, design, and
communication. Founded in 1989, we have offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Jönköping.
Principal projects are the spa and bath center Oceanbadet in Helsingborg (ongoing), the entrepreneurial
heart of Jönköping, Science Park Towers, the Courts of Skaraborg, Jönköping and Örebro, and the high
profile apartment building in Stockholm, K7.

Notes & Additional Credits
  1. Client: OBOS
  2. Program: Residential tower, including approx. 300 apartments, with a restaurant and preschool at the ground floor, and design of the surrounding landscape
  3. Apartment sizes: 1–5-bedroom apartments, ranging from 30-130 m2
  4. Engineers: Structor Bygg and Bengt Dahlgren
  5. Time period: 1st prize in competition in 2023. Expected construction start in 2026 with completion in 2029