A’ Design Award & Competition Winners 2024 | © Babak Eslahjou, 2023.

The A’ Design Award & Competition, recognized globally as the premier international design accolade announced the winners of the 2023-2024 competition in April 2024.

Each submission was rigorously evaluated by a diverse international jury comprised of distinguished scholars, prominent members of the press, creative design professionals, and experienced entrepreneurs. Their commitment to excellence was demonstrated through their meticulous review and thoughtful consideration of each entry. The jury’s thorough examination and careful deliberation culminated in their final voting.

We invite design enthusiasts, aficionados, and editors around the world to delve into a treasure trove of design inspiration by exploring the latest trends in arts, architecture, and technology. This is accessible through the A’ Design Awards’ online gallery of winners at, which features the top designs from the 2023-2024 competition and outstanding works from previous years.

Additionally, ArchEyes is excited to present a specially curated collection of 20 award-winning designs from the 2024 edition.

Nanbu Eye Gymnasium by Li Yang and Xu Haifeng

Nanbu Eye Gymnasium by Li Yang and Xu Haifeng

© Dong Liang and Zhang Hongge

  • Designers: Li Yang, Xu Haifeng,
  • Architects: Jiang Chenhao, Lin Zhexi, Gao Senhe, Cheng Yu, Ji Yongyu
  • Winner Category: 2023 – 2024, Platinum A’ Architecture, Building, and Structure Design Award Winner
  • Inspiration: “The gymnasium is conceived as a landscape building on the banks of the Jialing River, a brilliant gem on the Silk Road, where nature and humanity, technology and poetry meet. Sports and architecture symbolize power, but nature is soft, and the Nanbu Eye seems to be the medium between them. The collision and fusion of “soft” and “tough” burst out fresh energy, integrating sports into the natural environment, allowing people to strengthen their health in a relaxed and back-to-nature environment.”

210 Bloor Multi Residential House by Babak Eslahjou


© Babak Eslahjou, 2023.

  • Designers: Babak Eslahjou
  • Winner Category: 2023 – 2024, Gold A’ Architecture, Building, and Structure Design Award Winner
  • Inspiration: “Along with the challenge of intensifying these lots is the growing demand for boutique residential condominiums. These new buildings are typically designed with one or two units per floor, assuring a high level of privacy and autonomy, similar to a house. This emerging urban typology has been taken up in North American cities, including New York and Vancouver, where the various monikers for these buildings include the super-skinny and pencil tower.”

The Three Roof House by Masashi Nakamoto

the three roof

© Mamiyasan

  • Designers: Masashi Nakamoto
  • Winner Category: 2023 – 2024, Silver A’ Architecture, Building, and Structure Design Award Winner
  • Inspiration: “The traditional Okinawan house uses long eaves to stave off the subtropical heat. But it blocks natural light and darkens the house. In order to solve this problem, the roof was divided into three parts, and the house was brightened by taking in natural light from between the roofs. There is also Amahaji which provides a flexible space under the eaves. The space under the eaves is called “Amahaji” in Okinawa.”

Serpentine House Residence by Potiropoulos and Partners

serpentine house

© Batis Studio

  • Designers: Potiropoulos+Partners
  • Winner Category: 2023 – 2024, Silver A’ Architecture, Building, and Structure Design Award Winner
  • Inspiration: “The form of the house narrows and widens to create tension with the enclosed courtyard but is rigid along the perimeter of the site, forming a well-defined edge, opposing the absence of any relationship with the context. The curved edges of the building soften the rigid appearance towards the surroundings while the courtyard and the external scenery are connected in a balanced synergy.”

Jinbianruixiang Highrise Office Building by Zhubo Design

jinbianruixiang highrise

© Zhubo Design

  • Designers: Zhubo Design
  • Winner Category: 2023 – 2024, Silver A’ Architecture, Building, and Structure Design Award Winner
  • Inspiration: “The design concept comes from local City Flower, Jinbianruixiang. The overall design combines the square and practical functional requirements of the tower. It adopts a petal design. The podium is arranged around the main tower like petals. At the same time, the architectural language is combined with the famous Tengwang Pavilion. The points are collected step by step, just like Daphne in full bloom,organically integrating the unique beauty and rhyme of the stamens with the architectural shap.”

Villa A Weekend House by Eitaro Satake and Miki Okuno – teamSTAR

Villa A Weekend House by Eitaro Satake and Miki Okuno - teamSTAR

© Kenya Chiba

  • Designers: Eitaro Satake and Miki Okuno
  • Winner Category: 2023 – 2024, Silver A’ Architecture, Building, and Structure Design Award Winner
  • Inspiration: “The villa overlooks a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean, not far from the town of Hayama, the birthplace of Japan’s yachting culture. The design pursues a sculptural form befitting this stunning natural environment, symbolized by the large, vaulted roof and arches that evoke the image of the white, rippling sea. With the sea as a motif, we looked for a wooden structure that shared similarities with yachts and bridges, and the curves of the atrium roof made of CLT (cross laminated timber) give the interior space a sense of expansiveness.”

Fuwaku Residential by Shigetaka Mochizuki

Fuwaku Residential by Shigetaka Mochizuki

© Yasuo Hagiwara

  • Designer: Shigetaka Mochizuki
  • Winner Category: 2023 – 2024, Bronze A’ Architecture, Building, and Structure Design Award Winner
  • Inspiration: “This construction, an evolution of tradition, that changes the stereotype of an anachronistic image of residence, and results in conversion of traditional structural skills and craftsmanship including traditional method. While enjoying the aging process of exterior and interior materials as time goes by, main residence, garden and roads in the surroundings creates a harmony in landscape and adds charms of architecture.”

In Between House by Seyedjalil Mousavi

in between

© Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh

  • Designer: Seyed Jalil Mousavi
  • Winner Category: 2023 – 2024, Bronze A’ Architecture, Building, and Structure Design Award Winner
  • Inspiration: “Today, in ordinary houses, the boundary between inside and outside is defined by walls, and thresholds such as doors and windows allow penetration in and out, while in old houses In Hamadan, the porch is considered as an active living space that connects the interior to the outside. Therefore, reusing these porches in a new way has been our main strategy in the connection between the house and the city for this project.”

Villa K Private Home by Seiji Takahashi

villa k

  • Designer: Seiji Takahashi
  • Winner Category: 2023 – 2024, Bronze A’ Architecture, Building, and Structure Design Award Winner
  • Inspiration: “This Architecture is located in a place where the nature of the forest and river. It was built adjacent to the existing building, which is an old Japanese traditional wooden architectural style. The client used an existing traditional Japanese house as a villa and built a new building next to it as a place for his own creative activities. We designed the Architecture to harmonize with this traditional architecture and nature. A contrast between traditional old wooden structures and modern, powerful structures made of concrete. It was designed with consideration to the landscape, keeping the height low, and along a sloping land.”

Atlas And Pleione Subterranean Luxury Villas by Vasilis Siafaricas

atlas and pleione

© Vasilis Siafaricas

  • Designer: Vassilis Siafaricas
  • Winner Category: 2022 – 2023, Bronze A’ Architecture, Building, and Structure Design Award Winner
  • Inspiration: “The inspiration for this project came from the global necessity to design and develop properties that respect the environment. Our main goal was to design a luxurious and unique residential project that provides healthy and functional living, sustainability, and is environmentally friendly. Unique design, natural materials, subterranean houses that blend with the surroundings, rocky oceanfront plots, and more were some of the challenges we had to face while designing and developing this project”

Grid Compound Building by Shigeru Tsuda


© Shigeru Tsuda, 2023

  • Designer: Shigeru Tsuda and Structural engineer Etsuji Amano
  • Winner Category: 2023 – 2024, Iron A’ Architecture, Building, and Structure Design Award Winner
  • Inspiration: “Japan is filled with ads in the city and as an architect, it is hard to deny these ads for economical reasons. Therefore, instead of denying this situation, the ads were incorporated into the design of the building under certain rule. The rules were simple. Sandwich the ads with structure and no ads on the outside of the building. The inspiration of this advertisement building came from Ridley Scott’s old movie, Blade Runner in 1982 where digital ads flow in the futuristic city of Japan.”

Horizon Below Infant Daycare Center by Tsung Wei Yang

horizon below cm

© Willy Yang Architects & Planners

  • Designers: Tsungwei, Yang, Ziling, Wei and Janmichael Antoni
  • Winner Category: 2023 – 2024, Bronze A’ Architecture, Building, and Structure Design Award Winner
  • Inspiration: “Reshaping the Rural Daycare In contrast to urban areas, rural regions often face a shortage of public daycare institutions, daycare is handled personally. It is essential to address the necessity for establishing adequate facilities in rural areas with utmost priority. This project stands as the first newly constructed public daycare facility in Yilan with a primary focus on infant care, and a mission to provide health and childbirth education for expecting parents and nurturing environments.”

MU01 Single Family House by Arshia Mahmoodi


© Arshia Architects

  • Designer: Arshia Mahmoodi
  • Winner Category: 2023 – 2024, Ironr A’ Architecture, Building, and Structure Design Award Winner
  • Inspiration: “Natural Harmony: Picture the dwelling nestled into the upslope, its bisected form gently following the contours of the land. A tunnel, almost hidden, offers passage to the low-profile building atop the ridge. The design seamlessly merges with nature, preserving the land’s beauty and serenity. Sustainable Sanctuary: Imagine a home that not only harmonizes with nature but actively contributes to its preservation. Rainwater collected from the building nourishes native plants, creating a lush, biodiverse landscape. Geothermal heating and solar panels provide energy efficiency while minimizing environmental impact. Ridge Retreat: Envision standing on the ridge, surrounded by panoramic views of the Mulholland Scenic Corridor. The compact, unobtrusive design ensures that the public can continue to enjoy this natural vista. Fauna roam freely, and native flora thrives, creating a sanctuary for both residents and wildlife. Innovative Integration: Consider the ingenuity of the tunnel access, offering a unique entrance to the dwelling while preserving the ridge’s integrity. The design exemplifies thoughtful, sustainable architecture, demonstrating how human habitation can coexist harmoniously with the natural landscape. Environmental Excellence: Visualize the home as a beacon of environmental stewardship, setting high standards for sustainable living. With all-electric systems, cross-ventilated massing, and photovoltaic electricity, it serves as a model for eco-friendly living in the modern world.

Miscellaneous Woods Reception Center by Ya-Yuan Interior Design Service Co.

miscellaneous woods

© Ya-Yuan Interior Design Service Co.

  • Designers: Ya-Yuan Interior Design Service Co
  • Winner Category: 2023 – 2024, Bronze A’ Architecture, Building, and Structure Design Award Winner
  • Inspiration: “The architects reinterpreted the design concepts of the famous Japanese architect, Kengo Kuma, using their own aesthetic and conceptual understanding of architecture so that the existence of the building becomes more defined between nature and the city. Natural light illuminates the interior and blurs the boundaries between interior and exterior. The project reveals a different atmosphere from Japanese Zen, telling a pure story of a natural forest of miscellaneous woods.”

Hanoi Detachable Sofa by Yuqi Wang


© Yuqi Wang, 2023

  • Designers: Yuqi Wang
  • Winner Category: 2023 – 2024, Silver A’ Furniture Design Award Winner
  • Inspiration: “Tower of Hanoi is a popular intelligence toy worldwide. The process of players moving the rings onto the towers inspired me to design Hanoi Sofa. I want to design a sofa that is easy and fun to assemble, a sofa that can optimize the volume and the cost of package, storage and transportation, and a sofa that is in line with the concept of sustainable design. This interesting structure has been validated through our experiment and the materials are all environmentally friendly.”

Royan Sofa by Esmail Ghadrdani


© Esmail Ghadrdani

  • Designer: Esmail Ghadrdani
  • Winner Category: 2023 – 2024, Silver A’ Furniture Award Winner
  • Inspiration: “The Royan sofa is inspired by the letters of the Nasta’liq calligraphy. Nasta’liq is one of the beautiful calligraphic styles that is used in Iran and many Islamic countries. The unique curves and forms of this style have made it visually pleasing and beautiful. The soft shapes and special design of this furniture are a symbol of the beauty of Nasta’liq calligraphy.”

Yinchuang Zhong Shu Ge Book Store by Masato Kure and Masashi Ota

znong shu ge

© Inter Mountain

  • Designer: Masato Kure and Masashi Ota
  • Winner Category: 2023 – 2024, Platinum A’ Interior Space Award Winner
  • Inspiration: “The concept of intersection serves as a potent symbol where different paths or elements converge at a single point. The design of bookshelves intersecting in mid-air transcends mere physical form, creating a space where diverse ideas, cultures, and perspectives meet and influence each other. This intersection fosters the generation of new knowledge, dialogue between people from varied backgrounds, and cultural integration, thereby broadening the horizons of all participants.”

Artifact Bar by Nelson Chow


© Common Studio

  • Designer: Nelson Chow, Rain Ho, Rafael Pardo and Brandon Fong
  • Winner Category: 2023 – 2024, Gold A’ Interior Space Award Winner
  • Inspiration: “Artifact is a speakeasy bar hidden behind a secret passage inside BaseHall, Hong Kong’s newest dining destination and luxury food hall in the heart of Central. Inspired by the rhythm and repetition of surreal geometry and the serene atmospheres found in underground cistern. Artifact is a mysterious yet alluring destination transporting the guests into a different realm. A striking contrast to the busy food hall outside, guests will find themselves in a mysterious yet alluring space, making it an unforgettable and out of this world experience.”

Zhumadian Hotel Design by Guo Xiangyu


© Cheng Jingshang, Yi Mu Space Photography

  • Designer: Guo Xiangyu
  • Winner Category: 2023 – 2024, Gold A’ Interior Design Award Winner
  • Inspiration: “The lobby embodies the essence of traditional architecture, combining a sense of rational space with a restrained and understated aesthetic. The restaurant is themed around ink landscape paintings, with walls and cabinets incorporating ink elements. The display cabinet area adopts a natural and minimalist style, combining marble and wood. The pool area complements the natural stone and clear water surface, showcasing a minimalist style inspired by Oriental aesthetics.”

Yueji Diffuse Space Meditation Room by Haibo Liu

yueji diffuse space

© Shenghui

  • Designer: Haibo Liu
  • Winner Category: 2023 – 2024, Silver A’ Interior Design Award Winner
  • Inspiration: “The essence of Yueji Diffuse Space is to design a tranquil and pure but exceedingly warm and real space. Its purpose is to provide a space for people to relax their spirits, including spiritual rehab, tea ceremony, and yoga. Customer wants this space to be a more inclusive one, rather than confined to a certain type.”

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