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Garage Door Designs | © William Bout via Unsplash

Lifestyle trends have shaped fashion and aesthetics over time and have similarly influenced modern homes’ design and functionality. Garages are also undergoing transformations to accommodate a growing range of purposes in contemporary living. Ensure that these spaces are appropriately styled to align with their intended functions.

When looking for a new garage door, think beyond color selection. The abundance of options available can be overwhelming once you start your search. Here are five tips to help you design your garage door based on your home style.

Using Color Effectively

Consider opting for a suitable color scheme to enhance the exterior appearance of your home, which constitutes about 30% of its frontage. Take inspiration from the accent hues in your home’s siding or window trims. Select colors that can create a striking focal point with a standout door, or opt for a more subtle, neutral blend.

Refer to your house’s siding for guidance; observe the colors in the stones or mortar of the brickwork to select a harmonious color palette. Coordinate the accents on your garage door with the fixtures outside the house for a cohesive look.


Garage doors represent the most substantial moving part of a residence. Keeping your garage door well-maintained prevents the most common garage door problems. Additional maintenance considerations come into play when considering design aspects.

Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of varying maintenance requirements for different doors, considering factors like materials, paint selection, exposure to sunlight, shade, and rain, among others.


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Rustic housing often emphasizes nature and has a rough aesthetic, drawing inspiration from rural and mountain environments. These homes typically utilize natural wood, stone, and metal to establish a welcoming and earthy ambiance.

When selecting a garage door for a rustic-themed home, it should align with the natural and rough characteristics of rustic design. Choices like faux wood garage doors, particularly those intentionally distressed or made to appear reclaimed, can enhance the authenticity of the rustic style.

Mid-Century Modern

When envisioning a mid-century modern (MCM) residence, you likely imagine a clean, minimalist look incorporating natural elements like wood and featuring an abundance of natural light. 

Creating a garage door to complement this style offers various choices depending on personal preferences. Opt for garage doors with sleek, horizontal lines, flat panels, or minimalistic accents. Incorporating glass elements, such as expansive windows or full glass panels, enhances the connection to nature by flooding the garage area with sunlight.

Remember Functionality

In the current landscape, the garage door is the primary entry point in most households. It has the dual distinction of being your residence’s largest and heaviest moving feature. This highlights the critical need to select a door of superior quality that can withstand the substantial usage it experiences; otherwise, replacement may become necessary sooner rather than later. Additionally, a thorough assessment of potential doors is essential to determine their compatibility with your specific garage utilization patterns.

Many homeowners with tall garage ceilings opt for custom high lift hardware, enabling the door to retract near the ceiling. This enhances the installation’s aesthetic appeal and lays the groundwork for future car lift installations to optimize storage capacity. Many individuals also turn to modern side-mounted electric door openers instead of traditional ceiling-mounted variants.


Ensure safety remains a top priority in the selection process for a garage door manufacturer. Emphasizing safety and insulation is crucial when assessing potential manufacturers. Harmonize functionality, aesthetics, and safety considerations when making a decision on a garage door provider.