Vertical Gardens: A New Era in Landscape Design

Article by Julian Bore  The human race thrives on civilization, and civilization thrives on urbanization. Eons ago, the first cities were just small settlements of nomadic people – with no structure, no permanence, and certainly no concept of landscape or architecture. As the centuries passed, cities were formed – from Acropolises and forums, to the modern city of today where massive…

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Japanese Architecture, Urban Design, Utopian Projects

A plan for Tokyo 1960 / Kenzo Tange

Kenzo Tange’s 1960 plan for Tokyo was proposed at a time when many cities in the industrial world were experiencing the height of urban sprawl. With a unique insight into the emerging characteristics of the contemporary city and an optimistic faith in the power of design, Tange attempted to impose a new physical order on Tokyo, which would accommodate the…

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