American Architecture

Exterior Rythm
Cultural Architecture

Kimbell Art Museum in Texas / Louis Kahn

The Kimbell Art Museum, designed by Louis I. Kahn in 1972, is widely regarded as one of the outstanding architectural achievements of the modern era. Kahn created a building in which “light is the theme.” Natural light enters through narrow plexiglass skylights along the top of cycloid barrel vaults. It is diffused by wing-shaped pierced-aluminum reflectors that hang below, giving…

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Moore House in Orinda / Charles Moore

The Orinda House designed by architect Charles W. Moore for himself in 1962 is located in a valley behind San Francisco. In this project, Moore experimented with very simple means the possibility to recreate a project that could embody references to different moments of architectural history and that would allow an unconventional distribution and articulation of space.

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First Christian Church in Phoenix Entrance
Religious Architecture

First Christian Church in Phoenix / Frank Lloyd Wright

In 1949 the Southwest Christian Seminary in Phoenix commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright (then 82 years of age) to design a Classical University that included along with other programmatic buildings a chapel. His drawings were finished and made public in 1950 but the Seminary, however, ceased its operations and the university was never built. Years later, Wright´s widow obtained permission to…

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Feigen Gallery / Hans Hollein
Architecture, Retail & Restaurants

Feigen Gallery / Hans Hollein

In 1969, Richard Feigen commissioned the Austrian architect Hans Hollein to redesign an 1887 row house and convert it into a two-story gallery and residence for his own use. The gallery has changing floor levels and ceiling heights and a balcony overlooking the ground floor. The sinuous staircase rail linking the gallery spaces has an ocean liner quality. This nautical theme…

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