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10 Amazing Aerial Swimming Pools Photographs / Stephan Zirwes

12 Surreal Pools Photographs by Stephan Zirwes

Stephan Zirwes is a German photographer who was awarded third place in the Sony World Photography Awards in the category of Architecture with his work “Pools”. For years, he has specialised in taking aerial photographs – first by hanging out of helicopters and now also using drones. His work “Pools” photographs makes us reconsider the waste of water in private pools, a fundamental resource…

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Bern Switzerland Aerial View
Architecture, Urban Design

10 Amazing Aerial Views of cities

Aerial Photography is particularly difficult to do. First, you’re generally going to be in a moving aircraft with windows. Considering the cost of plane and fuel, this makes waiting around for better lighting somewhat less of an option. To get a good aerial shot, you need to plan to be in the sky at the right time, know how to avoid…

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