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Seasons changes often require a redecoration, especially the living room, to blend in with the new breeze of a new season. With fall approaching, you might already be bored of the cliches of autumn: the color orange and the fruit pumpkin. There is always an option to go chic but cozy during this time of year.

To give those fall vibes, one can always choose earthy tones for the accent wall to provide a toasty and comfortable look. Pair that look with wooden flooring and a coffee table to warm up your living room. To give a modern, chic touch to your living room, add richly colored sofas, readily available in many furnishing shops like Kasala, to adorn the crown’s jewel. Following are the top three types of sofas that we think would go best this fall.

Types of Sofas

Some great options that can cozy up your living space include:

1. Sectional Sofas

Sectional sofa, sometimes known as an L-shaped five-seater, has a stylish, modernized mid-century look, with modish and usually wooden splayed legs. Durable versions often have the settee with upholstery piping on the edges, a sewing technique beneficial in sitting furniture. While presenting an ornamental look on the edges, piping also emphasizes the sofa’s durability.

These sofas are available in many fabrics, velvet and upholstery being the most popular; however, to give an autumn touch, upholstery fabric is recommended, with patterns of grids to complete the look. Position in a throw blanket, and your living room is ready for fall.

2. Recliner Couches

From cushioned arms to roomy depth, a deep-seat recliner will give you everything, from flair to comfort. Recliners are primarily available and look best in leather. A recliner of pure white leather will go well if you have gray hardwood flooring, the sleek, elegant leather providing a modern touch. Throw in some printed cushions of warmer colors if you want to display a bit of autumn in your posh living room.

If your background demands a splash of color, you can always get a classic leather recliner in shades of brown. Remember that leather loses its color and sharpness as it absorbs body oils. Scratches are also clearly visible on this material. Instead, you can always use other fabrics, like cotton, corduroy, and chenille.

3. Armchairs

To embrace the arrival of fall, one can consider vintage armchairs with shades of rust and orange to add the spirit of autumn perpetually to their home. With a sturdy back and high armrests, armchairs are soft, comfortable, firm, and can make a statement.

Along with being used as a reading chair, they can be utilized for multiple purposes and would blend in well if you have a warm-themed sitting area. With a beige crocheted Afghan blanket and a fluffy cushion, you are ready to enjoy autumn with the comfort of these armchairs and a cup of coffee.

Final note

If you want a new look this fall, try the combination of earth-and-white tones, or you can also go with a warmer palette. While choosing your sitting, you need to compare and contrast the overall background shades of the room, simultaneously also considering the durability and comfort of the sofa. However, if there is no need to make a big purchase, but you desire a slight change, go with armchairs as they add a unique touch to the room.