Exterior- House Adrenaline in Sotogrande / Ricardo Legorreta

House Adrenaline Exterior View.

In 2004, Legorreta + Legorreta Architects completed House Adrenaline, a stunning residential project located in Sotogrande, Spain. The house features a unique architecture with pure volumes that blend harmoniously with the surrounding landscape. Ricardo Legorreta, the co-founder of the firm, was greatly influenced by the renowned Mexican modernist architect Luis Barragán, and his work is characterized by a clever use of colors, light, and shadow. House Adrenaline perfectly embodies this style, with its bold use of color and geometric forms that create a sense of dynamism and energy.

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Light belongs to the heart and spirit. Light attracts people, it shows the way, and when we see it in the distance, we follow it.

– Ricardo Legorreta

Sotogrande House Photographs

Pool - House Adrenaline in Sotogrande / Ricardo Legorreta

Swimming Pool


Exterior Patio

House Adrenaline in Sotogrande / Ricardo Legorreta

Fountain & Pool of the house


Courtyard of the house

Interior - Exterior

Interior – Exterior

Stairs - House Adrenaline in Sotogrande / Ricardo Legorreta


Aerial View of the pool

Aerial View of the Pool

Legorreta was a disciple of Luis Barragán and carried Barragan’s ideas to a broader realm.  In 1965 he founded his studio, and in the early ’90s, his son Victor joined the firm, which was later renamed as Legorreta + Legorreta.

In the 1940s and 1950s, Barragan blended tradition and modernity, yet his work is mostly limited to domestic architecture.  Legorreta applied elements of Barragan’s architecture in his work, including the play of light and shadow, the use of bright colors, and solid Platonic geometric shapes. One of the essential contributions of Legorreta has been the use of these elements in other building types such as hotels, factories, commercial and educational buildings.

Text by the Architects

The house is located in upper Sotogrande, a luxury residential development situated 40 km south of Marbella and 25 km north of Gibraltar. The villa enjoys spectacular panoramic views over the green fairways of the San Roque Golf Club and the Mediterranean Sea.

The house was projected around a central patio to house the interior life and a window overlooking the sea. Due to the excellent climate of the south of Spain, the circulations could be kept open so all the rooms could enjoy the central patio.

Native vegetation from the area was chosen for the outdoor gardens, such as olive trees on a base of yellow earth similar to the ones used in the Seville bullring.

House Adrenaline in Sotogrande Plans

Floor Plan of the House Adrenaline in Sotogrande / Legorreta + Legorreta

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Since its founding in 1965 by Ricardo Legorreta, Noe Castro, and Carlos Vargas, the firm has managed to stay true to their original goal of creating the best architecture inspired by human values. Achieving functionality, efficiency, and cost control, they design-friendly and social environments with atmospheres that convey peace, privacy, and optimism.

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