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The Campfire: A Timeless Symbol of Community and Connection. From the Origin of Modern Society to Today. It’s widely believed that the discovery of fire and the subsequent gathering around it played a crucial role in the development of human society. The warmth and light provided by a campfire not only provided physical comfort but also served as a gathering place for the sharing of stories and the creation of traditions and community. Even today, the campfire retains its power to bring people together, fostering a sense of unity and connecting us to our shared humanity.

The Hunters Retreat Technical Information

This proyect is based on the most fundamental of all human traditions: the ghatering around campfires. – Vardehaugen Architects

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Model | © Vardehaugen

The Hunters Retreat by Vardehaugen Architects

Model | © Vardehaugen


Model | © Vardehaugen

The Hunters Retreat

Model Top View | © Vardehaugen

Text by the Architects

The Hunters Retreat is a mountain-dwelling inspired by this phenomenon: the building folds around a fireplace creating a small circular atrium. As soon as the fire is lit and the hunters gather around the flames, shadows start dancing on the walls behind them.

The building itself is simply a row of classic A-shaped cabins, each of them equipped with a small stove and two beds. At each end of the row, two public features conclude the circle: a public sauna and a small common room. The circular retreat is clad with slate stone from the local quarry.

The Hunters Retreat Plans

The Hunters Retreat by Vardehaugen Architects

Floor Plan and Section | © Vardehaugen

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