The Future Danish Parliament credit Team Cobe
The Future Danish Parliament | © Cobe

In a historic move that intertwines the past with the promise of a more inclusive future, a consortium led by Danish architectural firm Cobe, in collaboration with Arcgency, Drachmann, and engineering giants Sweco, has been entrusted with the prestigious task of designing the future Danish Parliament. This project is not just an architectural endeavor but a testament to Denmark’s commitment to democracy, transparency, and public engagement.

The Future Danish Parliament Technical Information

Inspired by the ancient Nordic parliament known as the ‘Tingsted’, which was a highly defined outdoor space for debate, where stones and wood demarcated its borders and provided a physical framework for early governance, the new visitor entrance is designed as a circular, open meeting place with amphitheater stairs for gathering and situated within the Parliament Courtyard

– Cobe Architects

The Future Danish Parliament Photographs

The Future Danish Parliament credit Team Cobe
The Future Danish Parliament credit Team Cobe
© Cobe
The Future Danish Parliament credit Team Cobe
© Cobe
The Future Danish Parliament credit Team Cobe
© Cobe
The Future Danish Parliament credit Team Cobe
© Cobe

A Vision for Democracy

The Danish Parliament and the Danish Building and Property Agency have unveiled plans to reimagine Denmark’s central governance hub. The winning design proposal aims to make the Parliament an accessible and inviting place where every individual can experience and participate in the democratic process firsthand.

Central to this ambitious project is the creation of a visitor center that promises to draw more citizens into the fold of parliamentary work, enlightening them about the intricate processes of democracy and inspiring active participation. The design includes an innovative underground visitor entrance equipped with amenities in the Parliament Courtyard, facilitating a seamless flow between the historic Christiansborg Palace and surrounding buildings.

These spaces, once occupied by the Danish National Archive, will be repurposed into state-of-the-art parliamentary facilities, an eatery, and exhibition areas, enhancing the site’s educational and communal functions.

Architectural Inspiration and Innovation

Inspired by the ancient Nordic’ Tingsted,’ a defined outdoor space for public debate and governance, the new visitor entrance is envisaged as a circular, open gathering space. This area, equipped with amphitheater stairs within the Parliament Courtyard, aims to be a dynamic platform for public discourse, demonstrations, and civic engagement. The integration of ‘The People’s Tree’ symbolizes democracy’s deep-rooted values. Standing as a solitary figure at the stairs’ foot, it embodies the democratic principles of unity and resilience.

Creating the future Danish Parliament represents an unparalleled opportunity to work with the physical framework of democracy itself. Our aim is to protect and celebrate Denmark’s rich cultural heritage while making the democratic process more open, accessible, and secure for everyone.

– Dan Stubbergaard, Cobe’s founder

Safeguarding a Living Political Heritage

The transformation of the adjacent National Archive buildings into a multifunctional hub signifies a broader vision for the Parliament as a ‘living political house.’ These spaces are intended to facilitate parliamentary work and public access, embodying the project’s core mission of bridging the gap between citizens and their representatives.

Marking the most significant construction project since Christiansborg Palace’s reconstruction in 1928, this initiative carries the weight of history and the anticipation of future generations. It respects the site’s historical essence, which has been a center of Danish rule and democratic evolution from the reigns of kings and queens to the signing of Denmark’s first constitution in 1849.

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About Cobe

Cobe, founded in 2006 by Danish architect Dan Stubbergaard, is a Copenhagen-based architectural firm renowned for its dedication to creating spaces that significantly enhance everyday living. With Stubbergaard’s vision and a team of passionate professionals, Cobe focuses on designing buildings and spaces that are aesthetically pleasing and deeply integrated into their social and environmental contexts. The firm’s notable projects, such as The Opera Park and The Silo in Copenhagen, along with HALFTIME—the global headquarters for Adidas in Germany—exemplify its commitment to innovative architecture that fosters community engagement, sustainability, and a profound connection with the urban landscape. 

Notes & Additional Credits
  1. Client: The Danish Building and Property Agency
  2. Landscape architects: Cobe
  3. Engineer: Sweco