Peter Zumthor

And suddenly there’s an interior and an exterior. One can be Inside or outside. Brilliant! And that means – equally brilliant! – this: thresholds, crossings, the tinloop-hole door, the almost imperceptible transitiobetween the inside and the outside, an incredible sense of place, an unbelievable feeling of concentration when we suddenly become aware of being enclosed, of something enveloping us, keeping us together, holding us – whether we be many or single. An arena for individuals and the public, for the private and public spheres.

Architecture knows this and uses it. I own a castle. That’s where I live and that is the facade I present to the outside world. The facade says I am, I can, I want in other words, whatever the owner and his architect wanted when thebuilt it. The  facade also says: but I am not going to shoyou everything.

– Peter Zumthor in “Atmospheres”