Frequently Asked Questions about Content Submission

Submission Guidelines

Who may submit projects?
Architects, Urbanists, Architecture Students, Product Designers, Researchers, Photographers and anyone with an interesting story related to Architecture.

What type of projects do you publish?
We prefer publishing built projects but we also feature unbuilt projects as long as they add value to the community. Old and new projects are welcome.

Selecting Projects

What projects should I send for publication?
We suggest you go through our archive and get a sense of the kind of work is published on ArchEyes. This should help you decide and we believe that you being the Architect / Designer are the best judge of your work. And as such, we leave the choice completely up to you. From time to time, we may request certain specific project types. In this case, it is preferable to send those in.

How many projects can I send?
There is no upper limit.

Preparing Data

What publication material do you require?
It depends of the project but we recommend submitting the following:

  • Project text
  • Project details/credits
  • Project images
  • Project drawings (plans and sections)
  • Others (if available we really appreciate Videos to see the interaction with the project)

How should I send the data?
You can send the information embedded or using platforms like, Dropbox Shared file or Google Drive link.

If you are sending multiple projects, each project should have a separate Word document. Please DO NOT insert images in the Word document.

How much text should I send per project?
We require at least 300 words of text per project.

At what size and resolution should I send the images?
Images should be at least 1000 pixels, at 72 dpi resolution.

How many images per project should I send?
Send enough images to visually explain the project.

What project detail and credit information do I send in?
Here is our general recommendation. You may send in other detail and credit information specific/important to your project.

  • Project by: (Firm name)
  • Location of site:
  • Typology:
  • Client:
  • Design team:
  • Contractor:
  • Site area:
  • Built-up area:
  • Cost of construction:
  • Year of completion:
  • Photo credits:

Sending Data

I have all the data ready to be sent. How should I send it?
You can send it via email to [email protected]

The data is too big to send via email. How should I send it?
You can send it via WeTransfer or similar file transfer services.

Being Published

Will all the projects I send across be published?
ArchEyes welcomes submissions however we’re not able to answer to all submissions and it may take a while for us to get back to submissions that we intend to publish, so please be patient.

How long will my project stay up on ArchEyes?

How will I be notified when my work is published?
We will send you an email on publication.

Payment and Royalties

I have the images for the project. But the publishing rights are with the photographer. Can you pay for the image royalty?
We cant´t, sorry. Neither do we charge the designer to get their work published, nor the reader to access the work that is published. And as such, we expect you to have the relevant publishing rights.

Further Assistance

I have read the guidelines, but I need further assistance.
Please contact us here with your query.

Content Acceptance Policy

Below are the general guidelines, which apply to all submitted content.

  • We appreciate content written in English.
  • Content must be devoid of spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Images submitted must be appropriate, of good quality, and devoid of branding/watermarks.

Publication Terms

By submitting your work, you understand and agree that we will publish your work on ArchEyes.

Submitting your work does not guarantee the publication of your work. Our editorial team selects submissions for publication based on relevance, completeness and currentness of the information you provide.

Copyright Terms

By submitting your work for publication, you guarantee that you are the owner of all the information that you provide, or possess the relevant copyrights/permissions for the same, and that you grant us permission to modify/edit and publish the information at our discretion.

Upon publication all the copyrights remain with you, or the owner of the information on whose behalf you have submitted the information.

Wherever possible, relevant credit and copyright information, will be duly provided by us along with the published material.