Editorial Philosophy

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This page describes our ethics policies in regards to our editorial content at ArchEyes.com.

  • Publishing Schedule: At ArchEyes, we don’t follow a publishing schedule but we try to publish new posts as often as we can (at least once a day). Since we treat the blog as an “Inspiration Tool” we don’t only write articles about new Architecture works but also about historical Architecture buildings. We post only when we feel that we’ve got something inspiring to show or when we can add some value to a topic.
  • Editorial Features: In addition to publishing inspirational projects, ArchEyes produces its own unique editorial features on the cutting edge of contemporary culture that include studio visits, travel stories and more.
  • Quality: We will aways choose quality against quantity, reducing the number of articles but making sure the significance of each published project is as high as possible.
  • Accuracy: We strive to be accurate, but we make mistakes. If you think we’ve made a mistake in one of our articles, please contact us.
  • Copyright: All material published on ArchEyes is the intellectual property of either ArchEyes, our content providers or our authors and is protected by international copyright law. Images and drawings are generally the intellectual property of the relevant Photographers, Architects, Designers etc, unless otherwise stated. We are happy for individuals and websites to repost material from www.archeyes.com, as long as:
    • ArchEyes is cited as the source with a prominent credit and link to the relevant page on our site, eg “(via ArchEyes)” or “Seen on ArchEyes” or an in-text link etc;
    • All copyright information are respected, with credits and links to authors and photographers included next to the relevant text, images etc, and the permission of the copyright holder sought in advance.