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  • Publisher: 99% Invisible
  • Interviewer: Roman Mars 
  • Title: Episode 125 Duplitecture
  • Music: “Animals” – Bonobo; “La Mome Catch-Catch” – Frehel; “Aint Nuthin Up but the Rent” – Rhae Royal; “Wenn der Sudwind Went” –  Roedelius; “Waves” – Amorph; “Black Sands” – Bonobo; “You Copy Me” – T Pain; “401 Circuit”- I am a Robot and Proud.

Some of the greatest hits of American architecture are copies of the greatest hits of ancient Roman architecture, which are now all being copied by the Chinese. China has proven quite successful at turning imitation into innovation in other sectors. China’s iPhone knockoffs had some features that you couldn’t find on Apple’s phone, like removable battery and multiple sim cards, all for a lower price. It’s easy to scoff at a fake Venice, but copying, as a practice, is totally underrated. Mindful iteration is often how good things become great things.

– Roman Mars

Duplitecture in China

Paris or Chhina? Duplitecture © Bianca Bosker

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