House Renovation. Photograph by Yann Maignan
House Renovation | © Yann Maignan via Unsplash

Boosting your home’s worth doesn’t always require a full-scale, room-to-room renovation. Just transforming one room into a more functional area could potentially add thousands to your property’s value with minimal disruption. 

If you’re pondering over your next home enhancement project and need guidance for simple and speedy refurbishing tasks, then you’re in the right place. This post will delve into five straightforward home improvement suggestions that increase your property’s value and substantially enhance your existing living space.

Think About Funding a Key Lockbox

Should you be undertaking renovations on your new home and reside a considerable distance away, it might be wise to consider a key lockbox investment. If you have substantial tasks in your to-do list beyond your skill set, employing a contractor would be the best course of action. 

Remember that contractors tend to begin their day early, so unless you’re willing to battle morning rush-hour traffic to grant them access to your home, contemplate using a lockbox or installing smart door hardware. This allows you to give entry to guests using a code, saving you an abundance of time, fuel, and the annoyance of early morning alarms.

Get Permits

Many home improvement projects necessitate obtaining permissions from your city or county’s governing bodies. Consult your local building department to ascertain the permits required for your renovation. This crucial step is frequently missed, but it’s vital in ensuring compliance with all the necessary rules.

Skilled contractors from Lifestyle Remodeling can be beneficial as they are typically acquainted with the local renovation regulations. However, it’s equally important that you are informed about these laws. Among these, the Party Wall Act holds special significance, and understanding it is critical before initiating your renovation to prevent any future issues.

Obtain Expert Help

Seek out seasoned experts who can guide you through the complete renovation process. Solicit recommendations from friends, relatives, and coworkers for contractors they’ve previously engaged. Obtain several professional quotes to assess costs, services, and personal experiences. Before settling on a contractor, gathering references or perusing reviews is advisable. Interior designers, architects, and building inspectors can also provide invaluable assistance for home makeovers.

Brace Yourself for Modifications in Your Daily Habits

Should your bathroom be renovated, locate alternative sites to access shower facilities and running water. If your kitchen is being refurbished, devise a strategy for meal times throughout this period. Relocate minor appliances such as your microwave, toaster, or coffee machine to different parts of your home to facilitate some degree of cooking and reheating.

Create a Realistic Financial Strategy

An effective budget considers both anticipated costs and any unforeseen expenses that may arise. It might also be prudent to allocate funds for dining out while your kitchen undergoes renovation or for a short hotel stay.

Strategizing how you’ll finance your entire home makeover is equally crucial. Are you considering paying directly or resorting to a home equity loan (HEL), home equity line of credit (HELOC), or another financing alternative? Be sure to thoroughly investigate to select the most suitable option that aligns with your project and financial plan.


Starting a home renovation can be an exciting and life-changing journey. These steps guarantee your remodeling project is well-organized and produces the expected results. By being prepared and focusing on the details, your home renovation can become a fulfilling adventure that turns your ideal home into actuality.