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Building a custom home is such an enriching and satisfying experience. You can build a perfect home for you and your family with the help of a professional house builder. However, some myths about constructing a custom home have prevented homeowners from making the leap. It’s important to know the facts if building a custom home is something you desire to do. Here are the top five myths about building a custom home.

1. You have to purchase a plot before you hire a builder

It’s great if you own a plot and are looking for a builder. However, you don’t need to worry if you don’t have one, and it’s probably easier to begin choosing a builder first. Professional builders, such as Excel Builders, know what to look for in a construction site, including orientation, tree location, slope, and other aspects that can affect your potential site. Most experienced builders also have created phenomenal communities for custom home building, which usually have great amenities and benefits. These are definitely worth considering.

2. Custom homes are only for rich people

Some custom homes might be relatively expensive, but not every project follows suit. You can still build a state-of-art home at a reasonable budget. Custom homes range in price depending on the size, style, and number of stories. The overall cost is also determined by various features and details, as well as the materials you choose. Work with the right home builder to find the appropriate plan for your budget and lifestyle.

3. Getting a construction loan is hard

Construction financing helps a buyer pay for a plot and construction costs with a single loan. However, your lender will need an appraisal of the completed home, meaning you will have to know detailed information upfront. Fortunately, your builder can help you navigate the loan process and help you find the right financing option and lender, allowing you to avoid financial issues while building your custom home.

4. It takes too long to build a custom home

A lot of factors determine the timeframe for building any home. While potential obstacles such as inclement weather are unavoidable, a custom’s building time is similar to that of other homes. The only things that can make a custom home take longer are the design process and the selection of the features. After this phase, the process is usually the same as a production home. Working with a professional builder can shorten the process of building a custom home.

5. You can save money by not installing granite countertops

While premium laminate countertops are affordable, granite is still a great value for beauty, functionality, and durability. Other trendy options, including recycled glass and butcher block, cost relatively more, up to double the price of granite. It’s possible to install granite countertops and get the much-desired, high-end look with an affordable budget.


Don’t allow any misconception to prevent you from building a beautiful and cozy custom home for your family. Deconstructing these myths will shed some light on the benefits of the custom-built home. The right custom builder will also help you separate facts from fiction in custom home building.