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When you plan a trip, you most likely consider a destination and what it offers as a whole or a particular thing you want to see or experience that’s unique to this place; however, have you ever thought about making a hotel one of the attractions?

Sure, it’s wonderful to sleep in a cute Airbnb in the center of charming Rome or find a cheap hostel that, along with a holiday extras discount code, will allow you to spend a longer period of time in New York on a budget. But every once in a while, it might be exciting to turn your attention to some of the jaw-dropping hotels around the globe. And the world is not short on these architectural wonders!

From Conrad Hilton in the Maldives or Ashford Castle in Ireland to La Mamounia in Morocco and Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland – below, we list four stunning hotels around the globe, among which you will surely find something to your taste.

La Mamounia, Morocco

Mike Finn La Mamounia Morocco
La Mamounia – Architecture Hotels | © Mike Finn, via Flickr

Situated in the middle of Marrakech’s bustling Medina, La Mamounia is an oasis of calm, elegance, and luxury, boasting Art Deco, Berber, and Moorish architecture, bright elements from Jacques Majorelle, theatrical revamps from Jacques Garcia and futuristic additions from Jouin Manku. The architecture of La Mamounia is so impressive that you will surely want to keep taking photos, order personalized mugs, or even come back there for your wedding photoshoot.

It’s the place where Paul McCartney felt so inspired he wrote ‘Mamunia’ (‘safe haven’ in Arabic), Winston Churchill wanted to forget everything else just to stay and paint, and Alfred Hitchcock came up with some already legendary ideas for ‘The Birds.’

It remains incredibly popular among famous and powerful people, and it’s hard to wonder why given its remarkable style, unique atmosphere, a futuristic cinema, a teahouse, wonderful colorful courtyards, beautiful medina riad, and impressive mosaics and columns as well as a vast pool and an Asian restaurant run by Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

Conrad Hilton, the Maldives

Conrad Hilton the Maldives Twin Island ArchEyes
Conrad Hilton, the Maldives – Architecture Hotels | Source:

Conrad Hilton in the Maldives is not what you would call a traditionally luxurious hotel, but a stay there is certainly an unforgettable and mesmerizing experience. The hotel consists of many stilt hut villas, giving you the chance to sleep and relax surrounded by the turquoise waters. But it’s only the beginning.

What’s so exceptional about this hotel is the fact that some of the huts have sections of see-through glass flooring, private pools, or rotating beds so that you can always find the perfect angle depending on the position of the sun. And if you can afford it, you can pay for converting one of the hotel restaurants into an underwater room – eating a delicious meal with sea life all around you will surely be worth all the money. If that’s not to your taste, you will easily find a table with a breathtaking view of the water, island, or sunset.

As for the attractions, it’s as heavenly as one can expect – an underwater wine cellar, diving with manta rays, snorkeling with sharks, swimming with dolphins, white sand beaches, a coral reef, and sea turtles.

Ashford Castle, Ireland

Ashford Castle Ireland ArchEyes
Ashford Castle, Ireland – Architecture Hotels | Source:

Have you ever dreamed about becoming a king or a queen? A prince or a princess? This is your chance to feel like one!

A part of today’s Ashford Castle was already constructed in 1228 and then expanded throughout later centuries. It’s a massive building with mansions, real fortifications, and a French-style chateau wing, visited in the past by prominent figures like King George V, Princess Grace, Mary Queen of Scots, and Oscar Wilde.

It was bought by the famous Guinness family in the 1850s, then repaired or rebuilt in parts. The estate grew to 26,000 acres to become a hotel in the 1900s and doubled in size yet again.

You can come here for a genuine royal experience, sleep in luxurious, high-end rooms and fill your days with aristocratic activities, including archery, fold, horse riding, falconry, lake cruising, and more. And for people craving relaxation and pampering, the castle also has an extensive spa offer.

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort Hotel Finland ArchEyes
Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort – Architecture Hotels | Source:

If you’re a fan of winter landscapes and colder weather, there’s no better place to go than to this Finnish Arctic resort.

Of course, you won’t have to deal with the cold while sleeping or relaxing. Even though you will be staying in a kind of igloo, it’s not actually made of ice. Still, it’s stunning to see, plus, each cabin has a transparent domed ceiling so that you can stay connected with nature and admire Arctic winter nights during your stay – all that without sacrificing comfort.

On the contrary, cabins have controlled temperatures, and some are even equipped with fireplaces, where you can sit down, sip on a hot beverage, and fall in love with the landscape, breathtaking aurora borealis, and reindeer roaming nearby. Obviously, it’s possible to obstruct the view and draw the curtains once you want some privacy.

Just remember that the northern lights season lasts from late August to April. When it comes to other activities, you can use a sauna or participate in reindeer sleigh rides, sled dog training, or snowmobiling, among other things.

And for those craving colder experiences, in the winter, the resort offers snow igloos as well.

Final Word

There are many reasons to travel – whether it’s to see new things, learn about different cultures or simply to relax. However, one thing that often gets overlooked is the hotels.

There are many hotels around the globe that offer unique experiences, but the ones listed above are definitely some of the most breathtaking. So, if you’re planning your next trip and want to make a hotel one of the attractions, be sure to check out some of these amazing places – each of these jaw-dropping hotels will offer you an experience you’re unlikely to forget, and that will make your trip even more special.