Florian Schommer

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an animated gif must be priceless! Below, you will find a collection of creative and elegant animated GIFs that play with Architecture. From geometry to mechanics and everything in between, these animations help educate and give joy to Architecture

Through these animations, created with the best logo maker tools, I hope you will have a greater appreciation of Architecture. Enjoy!

1. Charming Animations that transform letters into imaginary buildings

German creative firm Deepblue Networks collaborated with illustrator and graphic designer Florian Schommer of Kjosk Collective to create a series of animated buildings using the letters of their logo.  (via Behance)

Florian Schommer

2. GIFs Bring Landmark Buildings to Life

Designer and illustrator Michael William Lester has taken 20 architectural landmarks from around the world and brought them to life in a series of animated GIFs.

© Michael William Lester

While London is hard at work, the Leadenhall building gets its afternoon nap.

© Michael William Lester

A firm Handshake let the Petronas Towers put their differences behind them.

slide your citys architecture as adorable animated gifs

Highcliff. Michael William Lester

3. GIF Animated Cities

Laurène Boglio, I am a French graphic designer and illustrator based in London. Boglio says she’s had a few commissioned, but often times they fall through.

Istambul Animated Gif
Istambul Animated City. © Laurène Boglio
London Animated City. © Laurène Boglio
Las Vegas gif
Las Vegas Animated City. © Laurène Boglio

4. Architecture Animée

1week1project adds movement to contemporary buildings with GIF format images to develop a different approach contrary to the common consensus.  The America’s Cup Building by David Chipperfield GIF is part of the collection of fanciful animations by the French architect Axel de Stampa. (via 1week1project)

David Chipperfield Americas Cup Building animated
© Axel de Stampa

5. Modern spin on a centuries-old technique

A Japanese artist placed a modern spin on a centuries-old technique, animating Japanese woodblock prints in the style typically reserved for TV show recaps and continuously looping memes. The artist, Segawa thirty-seven, uses Adobe Photoshop and After Effects to alter the static images and inlay elements of sci-fi and modern culture.

Animated train
© Segawa thirty-seven

6. Animated Architecture Murals

Spanish designer and photographer A.L. Crego has brought street art to life in his latest project, adding movement to murals from around the world. (via A. L. Crego)

Animated Architecture Gif
A.L. Crego

7. GIFs can also tell building lives

This French GIF artist combines skills in photography, video direction, and 2D and 3D art to create simple but magical vignettes

Image: © Guillaume Kurkdjian
Evacuation Architecture Gif
Image: © Guillaume Kurkdjian

When done right, GIFS can add a subtle bit of action to a layout.

– Guillaume Kurkdjian

8. Building is dangerous with Mickey Mouse

Minnie Mouse flirts with Mickey on the job in “Building A Building” (1933)




9. Nude Le Corbusier

Winner of Reality Cues’ Le Cor(nudie)r Competition. Reality Cues, one of the most-entertaining architecture Tumblr blogs, sponsored a series of competitions, including this Corbu-themed one. (via Reality Cues)

Le Corbusier

 The Proposal is simple: Make the most provocative image possible using the above photo of Le Corbusier. Right click it. Save it to your desktop. Give us your best collage!

– Competition brief

10. A growing paper city

Designed by Charles Young, every single one of his 365 models were designed, cut, and assembled daily using 220gsm watercolor paper and PVA glue, with many of the structures incorporating moving components that Young photographed to create quick animations.

Paper models
© Charles Young

11. Grid Gifs

Som Animated building gif

When completed in 1958, the Inland Steel Building by SOM became the archetype for the American office. With no interior columns, each floor could be completely customized to the tenant’s liking. (via SOM tumblr)

12. Seamless Landscape

Animated Landscape by Ryan Putnam

Seamless Landscape Gif
© Ryan Putnam

Thought a animation would be the best way to show the shot, but not sure if it just makes me dizzy.

– Ryan Putnam

13. Animated Tower Gif

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the University of Health Sciences (HESAV) in Switzerland, artist Guillaume Reymond (otherwise known as NotsoNoisy) and Trivial Mass Production created an “architectural performance” titled “Animated Tower,“ which, as its name implies, breathed life into a dull concrete block. Over 100 students, staff, and friends volunteered to help turn the building into a large analog display, with each of the windows made into a pixel that forms the 8-bit messages.

Animated tower
© Guillaume Reymond

14. GIFs can explain Architecture

Gifs can be the best way to explain an Architecture project. As an example the following Gif of the Nautilus building by  TEN + NGO City Creative Network.

Nautilus / TEN + NGO City Creative Network
© TEN + NGO City Creative Network.

15. Party time!

Ely Jacques Kahn (Squibb Building), William Van Alen (Chrysler Building), Ralph Walker (1 Wall Street) at the 1931 Beaux-Arts Architects annual ball. These architects celebrated the ball by masquerading in these sky-high replicas of their buildings.

Architects party gif